Volcom Women’s Chill


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Volcom made sure that women can also enjoy the stylish, comfortable, and protective Chill. You can go straight from leisurely hitting the waves surfing to reporting for work while looking stylish and confident that Chill has you covered. Women’s Chill is casually styled and comfortable like the popular Hey Dudes but these pairs come with protective features. Now, that’s a combo that is hard to pass up, right?

Women’s Chill features composite toes for lightweight protection from impacts and compression hazards at work. It also comes with a Grip Styk Stone-Themed Slip Resistant outsole which prevents you from wiping out and provides a more steady footing especially when working on challenging surfaces. In addition to its slip and oil resistance, it also provides Electrical Hazard protection which is important if you’re exposed to such hazards on the job site.

Women’s Chill also comes with a Soft Landing Comfort Insole to provide cushioning and rebound to your every step. This is especially important when your job requires that you stay on your feet for most of the day. To further boost ease of use, this footwear also has elastic laces to facilitate easy on and off and has no metal so it won’t set off metal detectors. Its casual uppers and silhouettes give off a very chill vibe – so just perfect if that’s your kind of style!

If you’re on the lookout for stylish, comfortable, and protective footwear, that you can wear practically anywhere, then Volcom’s Women’s Chill is the ideal pair for you.

  • Composite toe protection meets ASTM F2413 standards
  • Grip Styk Stone-Themed Slip Resistant outsole meets ASTM F3445 standards
  • Electrical Hazard
  • Oil and slip-resistant
  • No metal
  • Casual uppers and silhouettes
  • Soft Landing Comfort Insole helps you rebound with every step
  • Comes in Grey



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