Wigwam At Work DuraSole Pro 2-Pack Cotton Socks


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At Work DuraSole Cotton Socks are designed for the hardworking you. It really lives up to its name! It has durable cushioned legs and soles that support your feet all day at work. And no worries with sweating either because it has a patented Ultimax moisture control that works overtime keeping you dry and cool no matter how challenging the work gets.

These socks are built with a focus on durability, making them an ideal choice for work socks whether you are a construction worker, trucker, wood logger, or rancher. The combination of materials used in making these work socks is just the right blend to achieve a soft feel with just the right amount of breathability and warmth. The reinforced high splice enhances its durability and resilience to tears and holes in areas prone to wear. The leg and sole cushion, on the other hand, boosts support and comfort.

If you are prone to working on your feet for extended periods of time, then it is just right that you pair your work shoes with quality work socks. These At Work DuraSole Pro 2-Pack Cotton Socks simply fit the bill and will definitely be worth the work wardrobe space!

  • Made from 35% Cotton, 33% Polypropylene, 21% Stretch Nylon, 10% Stretch Polyester, 1% Spandex
  • Durable, built to withstand wear and tear
  • Warm, designed to provide insulation and retain heat
  • Reinforced high splice, helps prevent holes and prolong the lifespan of the sock
  • Ultimax moisture control, patented technology that controls moisture
  • Midweight
  • Made in USA

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