Wigwam Super 60® Quarter 3-Pack Midweight Cotton Socks


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If you prefer a lower-cut sock for your work sneakers then these Super 60® Quarter 3-Pack Midweight Cotton Socks are for you. It provides a bit less coverage compared to Super 60® Crew Socks, but it can be the more comfortable option if you are wearing lower-profile shoes.

These Super 60® Quarter 3-Pack Midweight Cotton Socks are also built, like its crew socks counterpart – for comfort, durability, and functionality. Quite perfect if you are a carpenter, mechanic, landscaper, farmer, or trucker and prefer wearing work sneakers or low-profile work shoes. This is also an ideal choice if you are particular about foot comfort and feel uneasy wearing crew socks or other high-cut socks. If this is you, then these quarter socks are worth the space in your work wardrobe! They are also a great choice in warmer weather!

Foot discomfort should be avoided at all costs because it can easily affect your overall work productivity. So, if your job requires working for extended periods of time on your feet, then you surely need the backing of a quality work sock. While getting the right work shoes is an important part of caring for your feet, also equally important is finding reliable work socks like these Super 60® Quarter 3-Pack Midweight Cotton Socks to pair them with. And since these work socks are from Wigwam, they already exude an air of confidence because of their brand reputation.

  • Made from 85% Cotton, 14% Polyester, 1% Spandex
  • Durable, built to withstand wear and tear
  • Cushioned foot, boost support and comfort
  • Vent panel, enhances breathability and ventilation
  • Midweight
  • Made in USA

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