Wigwam Super 60® Quarter 6-Pack Midweight Cotton Socks


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If you simply love Super 60® Quarter Cotton Socks and could not get enough of them, here are the same durable and comfortable midweight cotton socks but in 6 pairs a pack! Great for restocking your work wardrobe or replacing the worn-out old ones. (Great gift ideas, too!) These lower-cut socks are perfect if you are a mechanic, carpenter, HVAC technician, or landscaper who prefers and wears work sneakers or low-profile shoes.

It has the same qualities you came to love from its crew socks counterpart but in a lower-cut version and with smaller coverage. It is made from durable materials with engineering that is focused on durability and functionality. The cushioned foot ensures that there is plenty of support as you work hard all day while the vent panel enhances breathability and ventilation boosting the comfort level no matter how tough the job gets.

Remember that foot comfort should be given importance when you are putting together your workwear attire. And wearing a reliable work sock is like adding another layer of protection for your feet. So while finding the right work shoes is the first step to caring for your feet, equally important is finding the right work socks. And lucky you, because Super 60® Quarter Midweight Cotton Socks are here for the taking, and even come in 6-pack!

  • Made from 85% Cotton, 14% Polyester, 1% Spandex
  • Durable, built to withstand wear and tear
  • Cushioned foot, boost support and comfort
  • Vent panel, enhances breathability and ventilation
  • Midweight
  • Made in USA
  • Great Gift Idea!

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