Working Concepts ErgoKneel Pocket Kneeler


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ErgoKneel Pocket Kneeler is designed to withstand the toughest workplace conditions while keeping your knees and lower back comfortable and protected. It is ideal if you are a plumber, mechanic, bricklayer, landscaper, welder, or anyone whose job involves a lot of kneeling on hard, rough, or tricky surfaces. If this is you then check out ErgoKneel Pocket Kneeler.

This 4 by 6 inches mat is made of 1-inch thick heavy-duty closed-cell foam rubber that will not compression set, will not absorb liquid, and is also resistant to petroleum products. It is also self-extinguishing so safe to use in a work environment with say welding sparks and such. It is also easy to use, just lay or place it where you need it – perfect when you can’t be bothered with a strap-on knee pad or do not wear double-knee workwear for a no-strap knee pad. It protects your knees against cold, concrete, gravel, hard steel, grating, and other rough surfaces. It helps prevent soft tissue injury and helps increase your productivity at the same time by keeping your knees and lower back comfortable as you work in a kneeling position.

ErgoKneel Pocket Kneeler is easy to clean and maintain. It also comes with a built-in handle so it is easy to carry around and to hang and store after use. It’s also silicone-free.

  • Made of 1-inch thick, heavy-duty, closed-cell foam rubber
  • Will not compression set, maintains softness, and pliability
  • Will not absorb liquids even when used in wet conditions
  • Resistant to petroleum products, will not pass through or penetrate the mat
  • Self-extinguishing to enhance safety
  • Built-in handle so it’s easy to carry
  • Simply hang after use to store
  • Silicone-free
  • Available in 4 X 6 inches dimensions

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