Working Concepts SoftKnees Disposable Knee Pads


SoftKnees Disposable Knee Pads are for workers who need knee protection while working wearing disposable coveralls. These lightweight, comfortable, and strapless knee pads are designed to be used with disposable coveralls by simply sticking them on. Yes, just remove or peel off the backing of the knee pad and stick it to the coverall! That simple.

SoftKnees Disposable Knee Pads can be worn inside or outside the garment. It protects your knees by providing cushioning as you frequently kneel for short periods while working. It also helps prevent contaminants from penetrating your skin and helps in keeping the integrity of your protective garments. Wearing knee pads also helps reduce lost time on the job because you can move easily and work productively without worrying about soft tissue injury because you know you are protected. These disposable knee pads can be used as well to protect the elbows, shoulders, or hips – just stick it on to which area you need protection.

These SoftKnees Disposable Knee Pads are ideal for industrial workers, hazmat or emergency responders, pest control or agricultural workers, or anyone whose job requires wearing disposable coveralls and needs knee protection when working. These knee pads may be used several times or thrown away with the disposable garment after use.

  • Cushions joints from rough working conditions
  • Works for knees, elbows, shoulders, or hips
  • Less soft tissue injury
  • Reduces lost time on the job
  • Worn inside or outside the garment
  • Prevents contaminants from penetrating skin
  • Ensures integrity of protective garments
  • Available in 2-pair pack

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