ZANheadgear Convertible Balaclava Sportflex® UPF50+ Series


A protective accessory that is suitable for all seasons – Convertible Balaclava Sportflex! It is made from a lightweight fabric that is also moisture-wicking, so protective and comfortable to wear at the same time. And because it is convertible you can easily wear it as a balaclava, face mask, or neck warmer – frankly however you feel it is going to best serve its purpose for you. Ideal not just for blue-collar workers like construction workers but for outdoor enthusiasts as well.

This headgear has flat seams so no painful pressure points. Its 4-way stretch fabric provides the flexibility needed for a more comfortable and non-restricting fit. It can be worn dry or wet depending on your needs or the condition of your job site. Its hinge construction allows for versatility when it comes to how you use it.

Convertible Balaclava Sportflex from ZANheadgear is also 50+ UPF rated so no worries if you will be working exposed to the sun because you are going to be shielded from UV rays. If it is a little chilly outside, no worries either because you can easily use it as a neck warmer. It if gets too dusty, then simply convert this balaclava into a face mask. Pretty cool, right?

  • Lightweight fabric
  • Non-bulky protection
  • 50+ UPF-rated protection
  • Flat seams for a comfortable fit and no painful pressure points
  • 4-way stretch fabric allows for a non-restricting fit
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Perfect for use either dry or wet
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Hinge construction for use as balaclava, hood, face mask, or neck gaiter

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