ZANheadgear Cooldanna® Polyester


Cooldanna Polyester is the new and improved Cooldanna by ZANheadgear. It still offers hours of cooling relief, of course. This one though features a polymer sheet instead of the polymer crystals like that of the Cotton Cooldanna. This is to ensure a more even distribution of cooling relief. You can simply keep Cooldanna Polyester handy in case you need quick cooling relief in sweltering weather. Remember, prevention is still the key to combatting heat stress so make sure you gear up properly!

This Cooldanna is made of polyester with a non-toxic cooling polymer sheet. Activation is also the same, just soak it in water for about 3 minutes and you should be good. It is that easy! The only thing left to do is to wear it (depending on what is most comfortable for you – say around your head or your neck) and enjoy its lasting cooling effect. Ideal for carpenters, plumbers, concrete layers, roofers, landscapers, or equipment operators who could use some heat relief while working in hot conditions.

Cooldanna Polyester also comes with a reusable bag which is just perfect for on-the-go use. You can simply slip one into your bag. After all, you need as much support as you can get to prevent or relieve heat stress. This is particularly true when working in the heat of the summer. And this is where practical accessories like Cooldana can come in really handy.

  • Made from polyester with polymer sheet
  • Provides hours of cooling relief
  • Easy cooling activation in just 3 minutes
  • Reusable bag for on-the-go use
  • One Size Fits All
  • Available in Patriot design showcasing the American flag

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