ZANheadgear Micro-Mesh Flydanna with Sweatband


This Micro-Mesh Flydanna with Sweatband from ZANheadgear is the accessory you need for warmer weather conditions to keep your head moisture-free and to help regulate head temperature. It is made from polyester mesh that allows for heat to get released to prevent sweat build-up while protecting you from the elements. This 2-way stretch breathable fabric also allows for a more customizable fit to accommodate different head sizes. Perfect if you are a construction worker, landscaper, roofer, bricklayer, or HVAC technician who usually works exposed to the elements and is prone to heat stress.

Its sewn-in moisture-absorbent terry cloth sweatband helps in managing sweat to further boost a more comfortable feel even when working under hot conditions. Its flat seams, on the other hand, ensure a more comfortable fit without any pressure points. It can be worn as another layer of support underneath a helmet or worn as is for full head coverage.

Working in hot job sites is already challenging as is that is why you need every bit of cooling support that you can get. And this is where Micro-Mesh Flydanna with Sweatband can come in very handy. It can go a long way in providing you additional cooling relief by helping regulate head temperature and sweat with its micro-mesh makeup and built-in sweatband.

  • Made from polyester mesh
  • Sewn-in moisture absorbent terry cloth sweatband
  • Protection for warmer weather conditions
  • 2-way stretch for a more customizable fit
  • Flat seams for a more comfortable fit
  • Can be worn with or without a helmet

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