ZANheadgear Nylon Dome Skull Cap


This Nylon Dome Skull Cap from ZANheadgear functions as a protective and comfortable accessory suitable not just for work but for various outdoor activities as well. It provides both added comfort and an extra layer of protection for the head. It is quite versatile, too! It is not just meant for a helmet liner, it can also be worn alone for when you are hiking, jogging, walking, or working on DIY projects and you need some lightweight protection from the sun, wind, or a little boost of warmth.

This skull cap is made from a thin yet durable nylon material that is comfortable to wear, strong, and resistant to abrasion. It does a great job at providing comfort and flexibility so that it snugly fits your head. It comes in a universal size that fits easily under any type of helmet. And because it is non-bulky, it is easy to carry around (just slip it in your pocket or jacket when not in use) and folds easily as well for storage. It comes in Black which makes for easy styling and does a great job, too, at hiding pesky dirt or stains.

This Nylon Dome Skull Cap is a simple yet practical accessory that you can add to your work gear. It is convenient to carry around and takes no too little space in your work wardrobe – so really, what is your excuse for not getting one, right?

  • Made from 90% Polymide  and 10% Elastane
  • Covers head to protect from outdoor elements
  • Fits easily and comfortably under any type of helmet
  • Non-bulky protection, thin nylon fabric
  • Folds easily for storage
  • One All Size Fits All
  • Available in Black

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