ZANheadgear Small Neoprene Full Mask – Black & White Flag


This Small Neoprene Full Mask that comes in a Black & White Flag design is built for those with small faces. If this is you, then you just found yourself the accessory to use if you need full coverage for your face and ears to protect you from the sun, wind, dust, cold, or light rain. This full mask is made from durable neoprene which is also water-resistant and is also comfortable to wear. Perfect if you are a concrete layer, roofer, landscaper, rancher, or woodlogger.

Small Neoprene Full Mask from ZANheadgear is made from 70% neoprene and 30% polyester. It is stretchable enough to fit snugly to cover the entire face including the ears. The nylon-bound edges boost durability and comfort. Breathability, on the other hand, is ensured with air vents which are found around the nose and mouth area. The 2mm thick elastic thermal insulation provides the protection needed against the biting cold, water, and harsh wind.

This Small Neoprene Full Mask comes in a reversible Black & White Flag design that can be worn with or without a helmet. Its adjustable hook and loop closure system allows for an easy customizable fit, especially for small faces.

  • Made from 70% Neoprene and 30% Polyester
  • Nylon-bound edges for durability and comfort
  • Provides full coverage for the face and ears
  • Designed for smaller faces
  • Nose and mouth air vents for breathability
  • 2mm thick elastic thermal insulation and protection
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure
  • Reversible
  • Available in Black & White Flag design

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