ZANheadgear Sportflex® Arm Sleeves UPF50+ Series


These Sportflex Arm Sleeves from ZANheadgear can easily become your favorite work accessory. It is the ideal companion for scorching days to shield you from the sun and will work just as well in keeping you warm during the chilly weather. It comes in black with UPF50+ UV protection – perfect if you are a construction worker, landscaper, farmer, or roofer who is exposed outdoors to the elements when working.

These Sportflex Arm Sleeves are heavier than the standard arm sleeve. It also features an ellastic silicone grip which holds the sleeves in place. It is made from a blend of 87% polyester and 13% elastane which ensures durability and flexibility for ease of movement. In fact, it boasts a 4-way stretch which promotes a more relaxed and comfortable range of motion. Its flat seams ensure comfort even during extended wear. These materials also have moisture-wicking properties which helps keep you dry and comfortable as you work hard all day.

Sportflex Arm Sleeves are available in a range of sizes so you are bound to find one that suits you perfectly. It comes in Black and Black with reflective tape for visibility.

  • Made from 87% Polyester and 13% Elastane
  • Elastic silicone grip to hold the sleeve in place
  • 4-way stretch for use, either wet or dry, in any activity
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Flat seams for comfort on soft, durable fabric
  • 50+ UPF-rated protection
  • Available in a range of sizes (bicep, wrist, length):
    Small 10in, 6in, 18.5in; Medium 11in, 6in, 19.5in
    Large 12.5in, 7in, 20.5in
    Extra Large, 14in, 7in, 21.5in

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